Fear & Loving: Where Sea Level Meets the Deep

A literary blogstory by American writer Jarid Manos

An urban chronicle of life at sea level and in the oceans before climate change hits hard.

(Launched January 2014. Completed November 2016.)

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Introduction: The First Dream

Sometimes at night I’m sitting on the white silt bottom of the ocean some 50 or 60 feet deep, waaay deeper than I’ve ever gone; the blue water is dusky almost dark from the depth. My veins are racing; with my gut I tamp down a fear that could become feral. I can see nothing but the blue and black, and this beam or shaft of yellow sunlight impossibly penetrating all the way down yet lifting like the tail of a passing tornado. I can feel its force, its sidewall is pulling at me. I get caught — it pulls me up through the water to the glassy underbottom surface. And I always wake up before I hit. I imagine the surface shatters like glass, like water, and there is bright daylight…

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