What they’re saying about Fear & Loving: Where Sea Level Meets the Deep

“Jarid Manos is very, very American in his writing. He writes like how we talk and think. He doesn’t have to explain why something is that way, you just get a feeling about it. Hemingway was the inventor of simplicity. The way we talk is more like modern writing. Not overly florid. In Our Time…“Indian Camp”… the invention of the character Nick Adams…  all great short stories… It was the theme of a person that carried it through. Jarid Manos’ writing is so like this.”

— Cyrene Inman, art collector, social investor, philanthropist, NM

“With a distilled, starkly lyrical style, Jarid Manos unpacks a world that often goes unremarked upon: the interactions taking place in urban back alleys, the coming and goings of a lonely fisherman on a wharf, late-night dark southern highways. Manos’ uncannily perceptive observations of our culture’s dark corners are pure poetic revelations.”

— William Johnson, program director, Lambda Literary Foundation, NY

“Wow! “Fear & Loving: Where Sea Level Meets the Deep”… after reading this entry [about the police and corals]  as I do all your other entries, the title of your blogstory imports a more powerful message .“…Meets the Deep”, is wider in scope than just the ocean. What has and continues to happen on and of The Earth, within the oceans, immerses [no pun intended] us to a heightened sense of awareness within our inner core (soul). _______For Crying Out Loud & For Crying Out Loud_______. Feel free to fill in the blanks! – beautifully written!”

— Robert Gunther, Harlem, NY

“You’re like the P.J. O’Rourke of global warming, reporting from the Plains and the Reefs on the war against nature. It takes serious guts. And it’s absolutely necessary. As depressing and terrible as it is, and even though we’re going to cry our eyes out, we need to know. And maybe knowing can cut through all the denial in our culture and inspire us to do a major overhaul of how we live in this planet. I hope.”

— Susan Ring, Fort Collins, CO