Good dance music..  Great dancing…   Dammit — here it is after midnight on Saturday night, I’ve gotta drive down to Houston in a few hours, I’m up trying to learn as much as I can about the impending (world doom)
melting of Arctic permafrost worldwide, which would more than double the amount of carbon released into the atmosphere, what’s the conversion rate of methane to carbon, and exactly how much is a goddamn gigaton of carbon anyway, and how much carbon could a couple million acres of new prairie restoration offset…  provided we could get the new jobs and work funded…

…And somehow I stumble across the video of Madonna’s new single, Celebration, one of two new tracks on her upcoming Greatest Hits CD.

It just hit me — dammit I miss the dance — just the body and soul disappearance into hours of movement, beats, and rhythm.

Funny to even remember that I was one of the paid dancers at an official release party for Madonna’s Vogue album…  Of course they always had us dance with our shirts off. Raw, tribal, athletic dance.

Back in the early 90s, global warming was still something in the future.

Aaiight– lemme get back to The Struggle…