With Congresswoman Barbara Lee.

With Congresswoman Barbara Lee.

New Orleans is a city that seems to have simply given itself over to sweat. It is so humid, there’s no escaping it, so people just go with it.

Worked all weekend networking. Met a lot of great people, had a lot of real conversations.

Met Congresswoman Barbara Lee, who is the author of Renegade for Peace and Justice, and CNN Commentator Roland Martin, author of Listening to the Spirit Within: 50 Perspectives on Faith. Also connected with my friend and author Clarence Nero, who is the author of Cheeky: A Child Out of the Desire, Three Sides to Every Story, and the just released Too Much of a Good Thing Ain’t Bad and is on book tour now. Cheeky is my favorite of his because it is tells the story of growing up in the lower Ninth Ward’s Desire Housing Project, and really communicates a sense of place and feeling inside that environment, and a sense of the outside world so far “out there”.

in 2009, everything in N.O. is still directly tied to The Storm. Rochelle D. Smith’s short book, The After Path tells her personal story immediately after.

In many places, the city is still ‘immediately after”, even though it is four yeas later now. Didn’t have time to really hang out and explore the city because I had to rush to Austin, but I’ll be back sometime. People asking if we (GPRC) could expand our Ecological Health work into Louisiana. First things first, though, here in Texas.