July 4, 2015

Dania Beach, FL

My awesome big sisterfriend Audrey Peterman, who has so much love for everybody she is like a sun on this Earth (author of Legacy on the Land and Our True Nature), posted this on her Facebook today and I almost shook-my-head laughed. In one stream of conscious riff it felt like she evoked our times right now. My overactive mind imagined real-life versions all around the world of that famous scream-face painting Aaaugghh!!


“So it has come to this. After a waterspout blew the bounce house across the street and another formed near my favorite beach I felt a little leery. Then the shark bites in shallow water started and rumors of flesh eating disease on beaches. Then yesterday I read about the still unexplained explosion on an East Coast beach that blew a lady out of her beach chair into the water. WHAT’s a girl to do?? I’m praying Lord….”