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Fear & Loving: Where Sea Level Meets the Deep is a new literary project by American writer Jarid Manos. This 2-year journey is free to the public and online at JaridManos.com.


  • Follows the author’s track to becoming a skilled diver as a parallel exploration of why we are afraid to go deep in our own lives.
  • At a time when the oceans are dying from overfishing, pollution, acidification and climate change, the sea levels are rising, and violence and chaos seem to abound, what does it mean to truly live?
  • In the midst of many world problems, some people are reaching for higher levels of fitness and consciousness than ever before, and building their lives around service to others and the Earth. The plight – and health – of our beautiful coral reefs and the oceans around them is a perfect metaphor for our own lives in the 21st Century.
  • Ocean writings currently tend to be scientific and biological, rather than allowing us to actually meet the awesome creatures and mysteries of the deep, while exploring the lore of our own fears and capacity to love.
  • Chronicle of a Passing Era? In the teens of this new century, nobody knows whether coral reefs or even most life in the sea will be alive 100 years from now, or how much the seas themselves will rise creating new Atlantises around the world. Fear & Loving applies the author’s unique blend of urban and natural world writing to inhabit moments in our time.
  • Fear & Loving extends the human family into the wild ocean, thereby building relevancy with popular culture, and new caring and support. Art heals and transforms, and builds public constituencies for protection and change!
  • More than just an expedition into the waters of Texas, Florida and Puerto Rico, Fear & Loving also travels through the human emotions and conditions of where we live right now, from anxiety, grief and depression to powerful new moments of health and exhilaration.

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