Happy 2009

What’s up Everybody.

I hope this finds you blessed and well, and that your 2009 (can you believe the sound of that?) allows you nothing but the most satisfying, healthy life. I also hope you are ready to get involved in your new life of service. That’s right, it’s 2009 and you need to make ’09 what it needs to be — healthy, vital, lithe, lean, mean and green — that is you in 2009 — because by visiting this page you are on your way to becoming a SAMURAI and a samurai is one who serves, and our world is in so much trouble and we are in so much danger that we all need to do whatever we can.  How’s that for an extended sentence. But you can still have the most exhilarating life by getting healthy and giving back!

The good news is that I’ve never seen people so activated, and I’ve been in the struggle one way or another for a long time. I see people ready to work, get involved. Produce tangible change by our own minds and hands. What we have to do is get ourselves energized through specific action leading to measurable results. Specific steps with achieved benchmarks reaching larger and larger goals. Resist polluters and planetary destroyers, specifically work on healing ecosystems, our bodies, our waters, our relationships, ourselves, work diligently and with great care with children, allowing them the Socratic method of self-discovery which unlocks their creative, incisive potential.

Every truly beneficial action you take is a breath into the next 5,000 years. I simply refuse to believe that we are a nation of millions that’s just happily and sloppily waving as we go over the cliff, taking the whole Earth down with us.

20 years ago, it was “It takes a nation of millions to hold us back.”  Now, it’s gotta be: “It takes a nation of millions to move us forward!”

OK — we can talk more about the movement stuff later.

My 2008 was  a lil rough. But I aint complainin, because of course I could be in Gaza or Darfur or any of a thousand hells, so I know I’m blessed. But I had my (still a little new) faith shaken in people — can you believe I let a few “false prophets” come into my life where I must’ve been sleep for real and I trusted them, only for them to try to wreak damage. And I am the last person who is naive, so I don’t know what happened.  I remember the past life where I used to trust no one — can’t go back to that now. Gon work on this.

Anyways — Happy New Year ( yeah I know it;s a little late but you know .. non-profit mugs are BUSY!)  Stay tuned for a lot more activity and interaction in 09! We’re gearing up for some big advancements forward.


P.S. I got a question: Why are most dudes crazy?  It’s funny — I was once the most wretched, messed up, self-destructive person, but now Im just a regular, well-adjusted dude. All I do is work hard and work out and take care of my son and his ma. Why is it so hard to find somebody who ain’t crazy — esp when they ain’t seen half the shit I have.  Hey I’m just askin.