Fear & Loving: Where Sea Level Meets the Deep

A new 2-year blogstory by American writer Jarid Manos
If the oceans are dying, what happens when we live?

(Launched January 2014)


Sometimes at night I’m sitting on the white silt bottom of the ocean some 50 or 60 feet deep, waaay deeper than I’ve ever gone; the blue water is dusky almost dark from the depth. My veins are racing; with my gut I tamp down a fear that could become feral. I can see nothing but the blue and black, and this beam or shaft of yellow sunlight impossibly penetrating all the way down yet lifting like the tail of a passing tornado. I can feel its force, its sidewall is pulling at me. I get caught — it pulls me up through the water to the glassy underbottom surface. And I always wake up before I hit. I imagine it shatters like glass, like water, and there is bright daylight…

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Read the 2 Year Blogstory Fear & Loving: Where Sea Level Meets the Deep from the beginning.

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About Jarid Manos

Jarid Manos is the author of Ghetto Plainsman [2010], and the upcoming Her Blue Watered Streets: An American Novel. He also contributes to The Huffington Post. He has been published or featured in U.S. and international media. He is founder & CEO of Great Plains Restoration Council, and is a nationally-recognized published author, green leader, youth worker, vegan athlete, health advocate and public speaker.


Her Blue Watered Streets: An American Novel

Jarid Manos’ first novel, begun in April 2008, is nearing completion…

Summary: After a bad breakup, a mixed-race gay black man from Houston and his young daughter start a new life on the northeast coast of Puerto Rico, where violence and tropical paradise, and past, present and future, meet.


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“Like a modern-day John the Baptist emerging from the wilderness … a poetic lyricism that rivals the world’s greatest writers.”

~ Bob Ray Sanders, Associate Editor/Senior Columnist for the Fort Worth Star-Telegram; award-winning member/National Association of Black Journalists

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